Don't let holiday stress get the best of you

In business, you expect the unexpected. While most people are winding down at the end of the year
and look forward to some time off, most business owners are ramping it up instead. The start of
summer is obviously a hectic time for retail and hospitality but in the lead up to Christmas, many
other businesses feel the pressure, too.
Tuesday, 31 December 2019


Business law expert and Director of The Law Shop Paula Lines explains that businesses that have
their planning in order are better protected. All sorts of issues can come up this time of year, but
plenty can be dealt with ahead of time.

“Payday is a big one. You’ll need a plan for how to manage it if you are on holiday. Are you able to do
it remotely, or do you need someone else to take care of it? If payday falls on a stat day, will you pay
the day before or after? There’s plenty to organise, and it’s best not to leave it until crunch time,”
Paula says.

“It’s also important that you’ve calculated the correct pay for each of your team members including
stat days, annual leave, and time and a half. You don’t want to deal with disgruntled staff during or
after the break,” she says.

If you are taking a break over Christmas and close up for a week or two, you should make sure
everything is in place to protect your business premises in case something goes wrong. Who will deal
with the problem if you are away?

“What’s the plan if the alarm company rings you after an alert and they go out to check and find a
smashed window? Is there anyone besides yourself who has a set of keys to let the glazier in?”

Paula also mentions another important factor to plan for. Your opening hours. In most malls, there
are rules about when you must be open, so you may need to amend the rosters to ensure that you

“If you as the business owner will be out of reach, you must have a solid backup plan before you
leave to make sure there’s adequate staffing,” she says.

Then there’s cashflow. If you need a temporary overdraft, Paula advises you to put it in place early,
especially if your bank wants security over the business or your personal assets. If you need legal
advice on any of your business matters from The Law Shop, you should also act now.

“If you are a business owner, landlord or investor, and you need assistance with the legal stuff for
your business or your banking, you can book in for a chat with us to find out if you have thought of
everything. Just don’t leave it until the last minute,” Paula says.

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