Meet The Law Shop's latest Family Lawyer

The Law Shop’s team is no longer all-female since Andre Hinz joined the team earlier this year. He is
part of the litigation team, specialises in Family Law, and works at the firm’s Rotorua office.
Saturday, 30 November 2019

2019-11 bonus

Andre got into law a bit later in life, after working in the aviation industry for the best part of two decades.
According to Andre, The Law Shop has more of a family feel than being just a workplace. We’ve
asked him a few more questions.

When did you join The Law Shop and what does your job involve?
I joined The Law Shop in April 2019 as a graduate. I had decided to become a lawyer because I like
to solve problems. People seek our advice and help for a variety of reasons. This can be anything
from adoption matters, on the happier end of the spectrum, through to very sad cases where clients
need immediate help to get protection from violent partners for themselves and their children. The
initial stages involve a meeting with the client and getting instructions. We then prepare their
affidavits and applications and file them in Court. Later on, there may be negotiations to resolve the
matter or Court appearances for orders where the parties themselves cannot agree.

What is the main thing you want to achieve professionally?
I want to be the best I can be to help my clients. What I enjoy most about the job is having the ability
to help people, and to make a difference in their lives.

What’s the best thing about working at The Law Shop?
The working environment is collegial and fosters a culture of individualism, in the sense that you can
be yourself and don’t have to conform to a uniform corporate image.

What, if anything, is the most challenging aspect of your work?
I hear horrific stories from clients and what they have gone through in their lives. Often there is
extreme violence involved. It is a sad fact that some clients have normalised the violence, and
therefore thought it was okay for their partner to beat them up.

If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you be?
I always wanted to be a vet.

What do you like doing outside of work?
I like water sports and love getting out on the lakes with my SUP.

Would you recommend your career to others and if so, why?
Law is great. It’s great because there is such a variety of areas that you can specialise in. Law caters for a variety of personality types and areas of interests. There is a variety of opportunities in different fields.

The Law Shop offers personable advice and legal support to clients in the wider Bay of Plenty. Their
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