Virtual lawyers see technology as catalyst for change

What type of office is best for a service-based business these days? Do you need a building to drive
to and from to do your 8 hours of work each day, or is there a better way? For many progressive
businesses, the traditional office is becoming a thing of the past.
Tuesday, 31 December 2019

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Business law expert Paula Lines, director of The Law Shop, has been working from a virtual space
since August this year and for her firm, it’s working well. Although the Greerton office is gone, it’s
business as usual for The Law Shop.

After thorough research and an investment in systems and technology that makes things seamless,
Paula now completes work for all Tauranga clients from the Rotorua office, from home or from local
co-working spaces.

“Our team is always open to change if it makes the way we work even better. We agreed that for our
Tauranga clients, working as virtual lawyers is the most flexible and efficient approach,” Paula says.

“We can meet at a café, at the client’s home or office or at a co-working space, and we
communicate via phone, email or Skype. We’re supported by technology, and it is a great way to
keep our fees competitive. In the end, providing the best service possible is what matters.”

For those still on the fence on moving into the virtual space, we investigate the benefits and
challenges of shutting the office doors.


  1. Flexibility. Work whenever you like from wherever you are, all while wearing your stretchy pants and slippers if you want.
  2. No time wasted in traffic. Let’s face it. Tauranga’s morning and afternoon traffic is appalling. Freeing yourself from the daily commute is bliss.
  3. More cost-effective. With no office lease, utilities, and associated costs to pay, a more competitive rate for your clients can be achieved.
  4. Increased productivity. With a solid plan and dedication, working remotely means getting more done. 
  5. Growth. You can expand the business without the need for a larger space and even use the virtual office to establish yourself in a new location.


  1. Feeling disconnected. Working from home can get lonely. If you enjoy the daily banter with your co-workers, you might find working remotely challenging.
  2.  Time management and accountability. You’ll need to excel at managing your time when you work remotely and treat it like the job it is.
  3.  Security. You must offer your clients a fully secure environment so invest in VPNs, antivirus upgrades, and encryption software if need be.
  4.  Being always “on”. If you don’t work from an actual office, it can feel like you never leave work. Balancing this also comes down to managing your time wisely.
  5. Impromptu meetings and conversations with co-workers where important information is exchanged will be missed if you’re not at the office. Communication is key!

The Law Shop offers businesses expert legal services and advise at a fair price. To get in touch with
Paula and her team, call 0800 LAW SHOP or Contact Us