Enduring Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney allows you appoint someone to act for you for a specific purpose or if you’re overseas. An Enduring Power of Attorney goes further to make sure the person you’ve chosen can carry on acting for you if you are unable to make your own decisions due to accident or mental ill-health. If you’re spending your hard earned money on these documents, go for the one that will last longer and protect you better!

There are two different documents and you need both. One authorises someone to make decisions about your property – they can operate your bank account, sign legal documents on your behalf and deal with third parties for you. The other relates to your personal decisions such as medical treatments and where you live. You can appoint the same person or different people. You can require them to consult with others or go it alone. And you can have “extras” so if the first person you choose can’t act, someone else can step up.

But who do you appoint? Obviously its got to be someone you trust. But it should also be someone who will be able to handle the potential responsibility, will be able to think clearly in less than ideal circumstances and will be able to think about what you would want and what is in your best interests.

Enduring Powers of Attorney are essential! For any one of any age. A young person heading off on their OE should have them so someone at home can help if they lose their passport or need their medical records sent to them. A homeowner should have them so someone else can take care of those assets if they become unwell. Older people should have them as they are statistically more at risk of dementia or alzheimers.

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