Retirement Village Contracts

Most retirement villages operate on the basis that you don’t own the unit that you live in but have a right to occupy detailed in an Occupation Licence or Occupation Right Agreement.

The law requires that you get advice from a lawyer before signing an Occupation Right Agreement to ensure that you know your rights and obligations especially in regards to the money that you will pay not only to go into the village but while you live there and importantly when you leave.

Unfortunately, these agreements are long documents and usually require you to flip from page to page and clause to clause to figure out the information. We take pride in being able to summarise the documents in plain English and a logical sequence so that you can clearly understand what you are agreeing to.

We’ve worked with many of the mainstream villages as well as many independent ones so have experience with many of the different formats of agreements. If you’re thinking of moving into a village contact us to help you with the process – 0800 LAW SHOP –