It is truly frightening how many people in New Zealand don’t have a Will. There are those that don’t want to think about dying, those that think it will cost too much to get a Will, those who think their circumstances are too complicated and those that simply totally misunderstand what happens if you don’t have a Will.
We can handle all of these issues! We make the process of getting a Will simple so you don’t have to dwell on when it will be used. And because we keep it simple, it doesn’t cost the earth. We’ve dealt with so many different and difficult family situations that you’ll be hard pressed to surprise us with your story. And while your situation is unique, there will be similarities to what we’ve heard and done before so we’ll be able to come up with a solution that fits. And we can help you understand the consequences of you not having a Will so you can fully understand why its important. You might be able to structure your assets so you don’t need a Will and we can help you with that too! Contact us to start the process – 0800 LAW SHOP – team@thelawshop.co.nz.