Contracting out Agreements

While it may not be the most romantic thing to talk about, a contracting out agreement (often known as a prenuptial or post nuptial agreement) is there to protect both of you. If you don’t have an agreement in place, the general rule is that all property and assets obtained during the relationship will be divided 50/50. Assets you had prior to the relationship may also have to be divided equally.

The Court can split up your assets based on little more than you both being in a relationship for three years or more. A contracting out agreement, allows you both to create your own arrangements about what should happen to your relationship property if the relationship ends in separation or death.

Talk to us if you would like more details about getting a contracting out agreement. It can be done at any stage of your relationship, and you don’t have to be married to get it organised. Getting a prenup is a fair and reasonable thing to do, and it will give you peace of mind. Contact us for advice – 0800 LAW SHOP –